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Dental Distinction is excited to announce we are now a preferred proivder of Haven't heard of before? That's okay, read below for an overview of Smile, or fore more information you can visit the website. 



What is Smile?  


Members receive up to 40% off dental fees with a guaranteed minimum of 15% off all treatment performed by a Smile approved dentist. There’s no waiting periods, no treatment exclusions, no benefit limits, and no pre-existing condition exclusions. Coverage is under $100 a year.


How does Smile work?  


Join Smile, visit a Smile approved dentist, present your Smile Card or Smile Temporary Card to reception, and benefit immediately - it's that easy! 



A message from Smile:

"Smile was founded because we believe that oral health care is fundamental to the enjoyment of life. We believe that a beautiful smile and good breath raises our self-esteem, confidence and spirit. We believe that good oral health leads to a healthier and happier life. We also know that poor oral health is linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, premature birth and Alzheimer's.

Smile’s vision is to make quality dental care more affordable and accessible for the people of Australia. We want to ensure that everyone can visit the dentist regularly. If there is a person in Australia who can’t afford or access oral health care then this matters to us even if this person isn’t our friend or family. We believe we are a group of smaller families that make up a larger family, Australia.

Smile is paving the way for a new era in dental care. It’s a grand challenge the likes of which has never been achieved in Australia. We may not be in your area yet so we ask for your patience. Consistent improvement is occurring so we ask for your enduring support. We may occasionally stumble so we ask for your understanding. Rest assured, we’ll continue to do what is hard to achieve what is great.

We are working to partner with the best dentists and partner with you by expanding into every city and town in Australia. We can make quality dental care more affordable and accessible but we can’t do so on our own. We need your help too. If Smile’s vision resonates with you then we encourage you to join Smile and begin benefitting immediately.

Smile has nearly 700,000 members and continues to grow. We also ask that you share and encourage friends and family to join Smile and support the dentists who have partnered with Smile. If you feel the same urgency we do, the same passion we do, the same hope we do then join Smile in achieving this vision. Together we’ll make quality dental care more affordable and accessible for Australia. It’s possible."