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Have you ever wondered what actually causes crooked teeth? Why do some children need orthodontic treatment, but not others?


What if we told you it is actually due to habits, and with a little bit of knowledge you could potentially prevent your child needing orthodontic work. 


Research has shown that habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue position and lip position, are the reason behind crooked teeth. So, how do we correct these habits before it’s too late? With an appliance called Myobrace. 


Myobrace is a no-braces orthodontic approach to help straighten your teeth and jaws. Treatment addresses the poor oral habits that are the real cause of crooked teeth.  

Dental Distinction is very excited to announce we are now a Myobrace Clinic!


For more information, you can visit the Myobrace page on our website, or you can call us at the clinic and speak to Kelly, our Practice Manager.