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We all worry that we may have bad breath at one stage or another. Generally we all suffer from ‘morning breath’, but often many experience a persistent chronic condition which can affect everyday life and confidence.


So, what actually causes bad breath? It is caused by the bacteria that live under the surface of the tongue, as well as food particles that remain in your mouth (promoting bacterial growth) between teeth and around the gums if you don't brush and floss teeth daily. We stock a special range of toothpastes and mouth washes that can help to neutralise the odour by oxygenation.


In addition to that you can reduce or eliminate bad breath by: 

✔ Drinking plenty of water.

✔ Drinking green juices, not fruit juices.

✔ Drinking Herbal teas and particularly peppermint tea.

✔ Eating a healthy diet.

✔ Using sodium bicarbonate to neutralize acidity in the body.

✔ Brushing and flossing regularly.

✔ Getting a professional clean at the clinic.

✔ Avoiding habits such as smoking.

✔ Ensuring there are no other underlying illnesses such as diabetes or reflux or other gastro-intestinal illnesses.